A deep cleaning remedy designed to stabilize the oil production, clarify, exfoliate and fully detoxify the skin.

Probiotic and botanical actives fight wrinkles and restore elasticity ensuing in smooth and supple skin.

Restore brightness and even-toned skin with a whitening treatment concentrated on hyper-pigmentation, the removal of dark spots and acne scarring on the floor of the skin.

Banish dull, dehydrated pores and skin with this luxurious therapy incorporating moisture infused merchandise and gentle exfoliation to expose plump, company and radiant skin.

A luxurious facial remedy containing clean ingredients to gently cleanse, restore and renew your skin’s herbal glow.

Our spa gives a huge array of rejuvenating beauty and facial remedies designed to enrich the pores and skin and soothe the senses. We have an in-house crew of splendor therapists who tailor beauty treatments especially for the special needs of our clientele.


Our choice facial redress deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and clear of toxins brought about via everyday pollution. Unveil a healthy, glowing complexion with our select exfoliation treatments, which work to completely do away with dirt, dust, and excess oil embedded in the pores.

We also have remedies that are mainly formulated to restore vitamins in the skin, as nicely as improve its firmness and spark off collagen production, for a youthful seem and glow.

Pamper yourself with a whole splendor regimen at our spa, and feel refreshed and renewed at some point of your body. Our enjoyable massage remedies no longer only soothe the thinking and the body, but additionally cleanse and soften the skin, ensuring it is well-hydrated and moisturized.

Revitalize the fitness of your pores and skin and revel in a youthful glow with luxurious facial and beauty treatments offered using MARIA CONCETTA, the premium facial therapy spa in Dubai City. Feel salon new inner and out, with exceptional beauty and spa trip only at MARIA CONCETTA, Dubai.