MARIA CONCETTA Hair and Beauty Salon gives manicure and pedicure services at 52F, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.


Our Hair and Beauty Salon specializes in professional manicure services. Whether you wish to get your manicure done or a nail design painted on your nails, for best deals get in touch with us.


Taking care of the foot is vital for each guy and women. Our Hair and Beauty Salon, our specialists take care of your toes using the usage of one of a kind equipment and dependable foot care products. When you stroll into our salon for a pedicure, you can be sure to experience satisfied and have your feet looking good.

We are aware of how essential it is for clients to work with beauty professionals that will now not only arrive on time table however also deliver an amazing carrier when it comes to nail grooming and maintenance. Our list has a list of trained and licensed nails technicians and manicurists that can have years of journey in imparting top class Manicure-Pedicure in Dubai and has worked with numerous clientele.

Best of all, manicurists supply an entire host of on-trend nail polish colors that can make your arms and feet appear amazing. You can select from a variety of colors that will show off your personality or go with the ultra-modern season colorings to suit your ensemble.