At MARIA CONCETTA Beauty Salon, we serve as your premier beauty parlor in Dubai, imparting you with the greatest hair and splendor treatment at the most practical prices. We are famed to be the excellent hair salon Dubai along with the quality salon in Dubai. We also are the most important desire for many brides all across the country. We work to provide the brides with the greatest wedding ceremony hairstyle in  Dubai and additionally most aesthetic bridal makeup in Dubai. Two we keep sizeable knowledge in Indian wedding ceremony makeup Dubai.

We are engaged in the development of designs for hair and Spa salons, so we recognize how to make a positive design and deliver special conceptual ideas to the look of premises.

The plan of the beauty salon directly relies upon on the commercial enterprise concept, specialization, and scenarios of patron service in the salon. If we speak about specialization, now in the trend:

Very topical direction, due to the fact lovely and well-groomed eyebrows at the peak of popularity. Commonly make eyebrows + several specific services (for example, make-up, styling, manicure-pedicure)Hair salons. Hairdresser’s retail outlets and bars are new layout for women, a more celebration place, where the makeup and hair care vicinity function, however the female model Barbershop has already becomes a classic.

MARIA CONCETTA Beauty Salon is a Classic beauty salon with a full cycle of services, mainly chains, continues to entice the customers.

Express cosmetology and categorical spa. The enterprises, whose services length is 20-30 minutes, by and large clear up and prevent pores and skin dryness problems, as nicely as providing “immediate” short-term outcomes to seem to be accurate at the nearest event.

No much less necessary is the age of traffic to your salon. For example, it could be:

Women 18-35 years old, the motive of visiting: to bring beauty, to have fun. We would recommend, for example, an open pedicure zone, a conventional nail filing zone, a bar with a fresh juice and proper coffee, and interior solutions require brilliant and bold accents.

Women and men 35-65 years, the reason for the visit: to get a brilliant procedure, to loosen up from the metropolis bustle, snack. I would center of attention on closed remedy rooms, calm, traditional indoor design.

Before creating a beauty salon format project, you need to discern out who our target market is and what the market wishes are still no longer relaxed or are not utterly satisfied. This determines the eventualities of provider and income in the cabin, its sketch and decor, assortment of services, staff and plenty more.

MARIA CONCETTA Beauty Salon is now open!

Visit us in the MARIA CONCETTA Beauty Salon on the 2nd flooring to trip fearless and authentic hairdressing.